The ISGE Congress


Led by some of the leading experts in the field, the Program Committee has been producing a scientific event which brings together world-known Healthcare Professionals for the purpose to present and discuss the latest updates and insights in the field.

The ISGE World Congress has become, therefore, the largest and most significant event on Gynecological Endocrinology and the core of the ISGE’s educational activities.
The congress, held every 2 years in Florence, offers the opportunity to meet, learn, discuss and stay current on the future strategies for the protection of women’s health and their quality of life.




Since its founding, the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology promotes the scientific research in Gynecological Endocrinology worldwide through its events and activities.

The efforts carried out by the ISGE during these years have been overall directed towards the necessity to create more occasions for medical professionals from all over the world to meet in order to allow a greater diffusion of knowledge about the developments of scientific research, and in order to provide to all professionals the possibility of bringing up to date their know-how.

The ISGE Executive Committee

Andrea R. Genazzani President
Martin Birkhaeuser Treasurer
Tommaso Simoncini Executive Secretary

The ISGE Board

Leila Adamyan
Sarah Berga
Mark Brincat
Roberta Brinton
Antonio Cano
Cuauhtemoc Celis
Peter Chedraui
Nilson De Melo
Angelica Linden Hirschberg
Andrzej Milewicz
Blazej Meczekalski
Alfred Mueck
Frederick Naftolin
Rossella E. Nappi
Nicola Pluchino
Xiangyan Ruan
Nestor Siseles
John C Stevenson
Charles J. Sultan
Basil Tarlatzis
Svetlana Vujovic